Cultural Anthropology, Social Media, & Wearables at ITP Camp · Saturday June 5, 2010

Yesterday’s ITP Camp sessions included Observing/Interacting with African Diaspora Communities with Farai Chideya and Location, Location, Location with Dennis Crowley. Above Dennis Crowley discusses his work with location-based social networking. I was a little worried at first because he seemed completely unprepared, but Dennis came through with a completely fascinating off-the-cuff style discussion of social media.

The only session I was able to make it to today was Getting Started with Wearables by Kate Hartman. Marianne and I have shown Kate’s work before at Greylock Arts. She provided a great overview of soft circuits, including conductive materials and the Lilypad hardware. The Lilypad is an Arduino board designed specifically for wearables and e-textiles.

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