Igoe On Arduino at ITP Camp · Thursday June 3, 2010

Tonight’s ITP Camp session was Hello Arduino: A Physical Computing Studio, taught by Tom Igoe. Tom introduced the Arduino microcontroller as a platform for Physical Computing. He showed several different types of Arduino boards as well as many different sensors. Tom discussed the general properties of an electronic circuit. He also Illustrated digital and analog input and output using the Arduino IDE and language. And he wrapped up by briefly covering serial communication.

The Arduino didn’t exist when I took Physical Computing at ITP in 2001. I used the BX24 to create my RC Hot Rod. And when I worked on Lumens in 2008 with Ven Voisey and Sean Riely, using the Arduino, we leaned heavily on the brains of Tom, John Schimmel, and Larry Alice. I learned strictly what I needed to know to accomplish the task. As a result there were a lot of holes in my knowledge. So it was great to get this official introduction from one of the greats in the field.

Thanks to Jody Culkin for the photo above!

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