Motors, ActionScript, Pop-Ups, and Foursquare at ITP Camp · Wednesday June 9, 2010

Monday at ITP Camp I attended Intro to Making Things Move with Dustyn Roberts. Dustyn gave a lot of great advice about working with various kinds of motors. I’ve understood how to control a motor with a micro-controller for a number of years. It’s the what to do after that where I get stuck.

I also taught my first session, So, You Don’t Hate Flash?. New ITP Chair and ITP Camp leader Dan O’Sullivan kept bugging me about teaching an ActionScript session, and after I said no at least three times, he just created a session and put me in as the instructor. Thanks Dan… Actually, It was a lot of fun to teach, and a surprising number of people still like Flash despite all the haters out there. Thanks to everyone who attended!

Tuesday I attended Marianne’s session on Pop Up Books, where she showed numerous paper engineering techniques. The session was a lot of fun!

Today’s session was Foursquare API with Anoop Ranganath. Above, Anoop explains the ins and outs of the Foursquare API.

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