Project Development Studio: Dream, Vision, Goal, PlanTue Jan 31, 11:42 PM


Be a full-time artist. Meet all of my upcoming art deadlines and initiate new ones. Each new project should grow out of the previous one. This is short and sweet, but I imagine it will be incredibly difficult.


I currently have three upcoming art deadlines. The first, a paid commission for, will utilize a live video feed over the internet. Multiple simultaneous users will be able to activate objects in realtime which are visible in the live video. It is due very soon, February 20th. The second involves exploring and working with soft circuits and / or interactive electronic books for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s upcoming festival. This is the least pressured of the deadlines. It is due April 28th. The third is for MASS MoCA’s Kidspace. It is the least defined at the moment, but will probably involve exploring digital fabrication and mechanical automata. It is due June 23rd.


I may only explore one or two of these projects within this class. However, that doesn’t change the fact that all three have to be completed. The goal, outside of class anyway, is to actually complete all three.


Project 1

February 5 – Complete prototype
February 10 – Complete production of custom electronics
February 17 – Complete development and fabrication
February 20 – Launch on
February 27 – Promote

Project 2

March 11 – Complete research
March 25 – Complete concept
April 8 – Complete prototype
April 22 – Complete development and fabrication
April 28 & 29 – Demonstrate at MoCCA Fest

Project 3

May 6 – Complete research
May 20 – Complete concept
June 3 – Complete prototype
June 17 – Complete development and fabrication
June 23 – Opening at MASS MoCA’s Kidspace

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