Public Art & Conversation Starters at ITP Camp · Sunday June 20, 2010

Sunday I attended Public Art Overview by another one of my favorite people, Jody Culkin. I work with Jody at BMCC where I adjunct, and she is an Associate Professor. Jody started by showing some examples of some of her favorite public art works, which, and I didn’t pay her for this, included Lumens, a work of Ven Voisey, Sean Riley, and myself from 2008. Jody also covered many of the New York based organizations which fund public art projects, discussed their funding criteria, and showed some of their recently funded projects.

Then I taught my second ITP Camp session, Conversation Starters for Disparate Lovers, in which I covered the many components needed to get an Arduino micro-controller talking with Flash and vice versa. I also introduced Guiseppe, a freeware Graphical Serial / Socket Proxy Problem Eliminator designed specifically to facilitate communication between software developed with Flash and physical computing projects designed with the Arduino. I developed what would later become Guiseppe while working on Lumens, when I needed a better tool for connecting Flash and Arduino than what was available at the time. It’s still pretty basic, but it’s a lot easier to use than the alternatives. Try it out and let me know what you think.

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