Sensitive Buildings: Pairs Exercise, xBee ChatTue Sep 27, 04:46 AM


For the second assignment in Sensitive Buildings Rob wanted us to get our xBee Series 2 radios configured. He then wanted us to setup a simple chat between two xBees. We’ll be working with xBee brand ZigBee radios a lot in this class. I ordered mine from Digikey where they are substantially cheaper than Sparkfun.

I’ve worked some with the xBee Series 1 radios in the past, so using what I remembered from that, along with Rob’s book as a guide, Digi’s X-CTU software, and CoolTerm, the process was very straightforward. Digi says that X-CTU isn’t officially suppoorted in 64 bit operating systems. I installed it into my Windows 7 Professional 64 bit virtual machine without issue though. The only point of frustration was the short default timeout of the xBee radio when issuing AT commands. Otherwise it was pretty smooth sailing.

I’ll upload a video of my chat session soon.

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