So, You Don’t Hate Flash?

Getting started with ActionScript 3.0. We’ll take a look at working with ActionScript in Flash Professional and Flex / Flash Builder. Procedural and Object-Oriented techniques will be explored. It’s okay to like Flash.

1. The Flash Platform

ActionScript 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0
Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Professional CS4 / CS5
Adobe Flex / Flash Builder
Adobe AIR
Flash Media Server

2. Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Interface

• Stage, Timeline & Properties Panels
• Design, Align, Color & Transform Panels
• Creating & Saving A New Document & Basic Document Settings
• Symbols, Buttons & Movie Clips
• Library Panel
• Symbol Names vs. Instance Names
• Actions Panel
• Help Panel

3. Programming with ActionScript 3.0

A. Basic Syntax


B. Variables & Data Types

Data Types, Number, String, Boolean, etc.

C. Scripting, Commenting, Testing & Debugging

Functions & Parameters (Arguments), trace();
• Commenting Your Code, //, /*
• Testing Your Movie
• Output Panel
• File Types, swfs vs. flas

D. Conditionals & Operators

Conditionals, if, else, else if, switch
Operators, . (Dot), + (Addition), – (Minus), *(Multiplication), / (Division), < (Less Than), <= (Less Than or Equal To), > (Greater Than), >= (Greater Than or Equal To), = (Assignment), ++ (Increment), — (Decrement) , (Equality), != (Inequality), = (Strict Equality), !== (Strict Inequality), && (Short-Circuit &), || (Logical Or)

E. Loops

Repeat Loops, for,, for, while, do..while

F. Functions

• Execution Order & Evaluating Expressions
• Variable & Function Scope

G. Built in Classes

• Introduction to Classes & Objects
• Working with Built in Classes

G. Events & Event Handling

Events & Event H&ling
MouseEvent & KeyboardEvent

H. Display Objects

DisplayObject, AVM1Movie, Bitmap, InteractiveObject, MorphShape, Shape, StaticText, Video
InteractiveObject, DisplayObjectContainer, Sprite & MovieClip
DisplayObject Properties, x & y, scaleX & scaleY, width & height, rotation, alpha & visible
• Sprite Methods, startDrag() & stopDrag()

I. The Display List

The Display List
• Adding Symbols to the Display List, new Symbol()
• DisplayObjectContainer Method, addChild()
• More DisplayObjectContainer Methods, addChildAt(), getChildIndex(), setChildIndex(), swapChildren(), swapChildrenAt(), removeChild(), removeChildAt()

J. Object Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming
Object Oriented Programming with ActionScript
  • ActionScript Keywords, package, import, class
Class Interfaces
  • Class Namespaces, public, private
Creating a Class
  • Document Class
  • Symbol Class
  • Constructors
  • ActionScript Keyword, extends
Project Organization

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